Hotel Zimmerbräu
Hotel Zimmerbräu

'Willekome' to the 'Khaufflingerischen Braustube'

– as the Zimmerbräu was called in records dating from 1550 … Master brewer Aegidius Zimmermann adapted the building just after 1573. From this time forth beer brewers practised their trade in 'Zimmermanns Bräu', before in 1895 it was converted into an inn.

In the midst of the town of St. Wolfgang, which is steeped in history and whose origins go date to Saint Wolfgang, the Zimmerbräu hotel building has stood since the 16th century –  a building with a history …

Located at the delightful market square, you look from the hotel out to the lake, while behind the hotel the Kalvarienberg, with its lovely little church and the mighty Schafberg, create the background.

First documented as "Khaufflingerische Braustube", the building was adapted just after 1573 by master brewer Aegidius Zimmermann. From then on beer was brewed here, until in the year 1895 innkeepers moved in and the tradition of hospitality began in Zimmermann's brewery.

The Zimmerbräu's inn tradition follows the Scharf family manage to lease the hotel for 18 years, before becoming owners in 1972.

The Zimmerbräu has been owned by Alexandra Scharf since 1997, who together with her husband Johann Pöllmann, continued to transform the guesthouse from 1999 to the gem and 4****Hotel Zimmerbräu that it is today:

  • 1999 – Installation of a lift
  • 2000/01 – Renovation of the Reception, breakfast room and bar
  • 2002/03 – the area to the rear of the building was re-designed; 13 rooms were renovated with new bathrooms with separate WCs
  • 2003 – Switch over to keycards
  • 2005 – The roof was refurbished and renewed
  • 2006 – the balconies to the front of the building were renewed and the roof of the "Salettl" was rediscovered
  • 2007/08 – a further extension meant that 7 rooms were added: the "Superior Rooms" – those to the front enjoying views to the lake, those to back enjoying views to the romantic little church of Kalvarienberg, which is illuminated in the evenings
  • The summer house on the lake was set up
  • 2008 – a small Stüberl was set up next to Reception and the Hotel acquired its own bathing area
  • 2010/11 – the entire ground floor was renovated: a new 'Stüberl' was created, with an extensive buffet area, a new kitchen, new refrigeration system and a new bar area, the toilets and all the entrance doors were renewed
  • 2011/12 – the "old" breakfast room was turned into a living / siting room, reading and play area with a large flatscreen TV and inviting sofas, the "Zimmerbräu Lounge"
  • 2011 – the car parking area was built
  • since December 2012 we are a 4**** hotel
  • 2013 - Renovation of rooms in the staff house as well as new construction of 3 apartments
  • 2014 - Renovation of guest rooms
  • 2015 - Installation of a fire alarm system
  • 2016 - Canopy of the garage and redesign of the guest parking space

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