The history of the
4* Hotel Zimmerbräu at Lake Wolfgang

A hotel steeped in history in St. Wolfgang, Marktplatz Number 89.

The history of the Hotel Zimmerbräu at Lake Wolfgang begins in 1573 with the construction of the old 'Kaufflinger Haus' which was adapted not long after this by master brewer Aegidius Zimmermann, then renamed 'Zimmermanns Bräu'. From that time beer was brewed in 'Zimmermanns Bräu' in accordance with German beer purity laws. For over 300 years – right up until 1895, brewing was carried out intuitively. Then, with the invention of the steam-driven refrigerators, the big breweries were able to brew beer throughout the year. Without refrigeration, it was only possible to brew in March, hence 'Märzenbier' (March beer), for which temperatures of between 8 and 12° C were required for the fermentation vats.

As a result, 85 percent of all small breweries closed between 1892 and 1897.  'Zimmermanns Bräu' closed in 1895 and was turned into a guesthouse and from that time it has been a place for people to enjoy a stay in on Marktplatz in St. Wolfgang. In 1954 the Scharf family came to the the traditional Zimmerbräu'schen guesthouse, taking the lease for the building for 18 years initially then from 1972 they became the owners. In 1997 daughter Alexandra Pöllmann (nee Scharf) took over the hotel from her parents. Since 1999, together with her husband, Johann Pöllmann, she has been working to continuously renovate, modernise and refurbish the hotel. Get to know us in person and find out more about our hotel at Lake Wolfgang and its background!

  • Construction of the old 'Kaufflinger Haus'
  • In house sedentary family Zimmermann
  • Closure of the brewery and conversion to a restaurant
  • Owned by family Alexandra & Johann Pöllmann
  • Construction of the boathouse at the Wolfgangsee
  • The Zimmerbräu becomes a 4* hotel
  • Continuous extension & restoration
Exclusive to our guests (Exclusive to those making a direct booking)

 The benefits for you when you make a direct booking 

  • Free parking in the outdoor area opposite the hotel.
  • The hotel's own bathing area at Lake Wolfgang is just 150 metres away.
  • Hire one of the hotel’s bikes and head out on a cycle tour.
  • Enjoy our extensive, regional buffet breakfast.