The history of the
4* Hotel Zimmerbräu at Lake Wolfgang

Our hotel is a real historical gem, steeped in history beginning in the year 1514 with the construction of the old 'Kaufflinger Haus'.                     The building was taken over not long after this by master brewer Aegidius Zimmermann. It was then renamed 'Zimmermanns Bräu'.  For over 300 years, 'Zimmermanns Bräu' brewed beer in accordance with German beer purity laws until the mechanical breweries arrived in 1895. Then, with the invention of the steam-driven refrigerators, the big breweries were able to brew beer throughout the year. Without refrigeration, it was only possible to brew in March, hence 'Märzenbier' (March beer), for which temperatures of between 8 and 12° C were required for the fermentation vats.

The result of this modernisation and progress forced 85 % of small breweries to close between 1892 and 1897.  'Zimmermanns Bräu' closed in 1895 and was turned into an inn and from that time it has been a place for people to enjoy a stay in on Marktplatz in St. Wolfgang. In 1954, my parents (Scharf family) joined the Zimmerbräu tradition of catering. Initially the Scharf family leased the house for 18 years and then in 1972, they became the proud owners. In 1997 I, Alexandra Pöllmann (née Scharf) took over the running of the hotel and since 1999, together with my husband, Johann Pöllmann, we have been working to continuously renovating and modernising as well as restoring some original features. Come and meet us, we would love to welcome you here in our house.

1514 Reconstruction of the old 'Kaufflinger Haus'after a local fire 

1573 the resident brewing family Zimmermann called the house from then on "Zimmermannsbräu"

around 1790 the name changes to "Zimmerbräu" 

in 1895 closure of the brewery and conversion to an inn

in 1954 Scharf family as tenants, in 1972 as owners

1997 takeover of Alexandra & Hans Pöllmann

2011 the Zimmerbräu becomes a 4 * hotel 

since this time continuous extensions & restorations

 Why choose our House... 

  • You deserve something special on your well-earned break!
  • Our hotel is family run and welcoming, literally your home from home
  • We run a traditional Austrian hotel with a modern touch. Our hotel building dates back to 1550.
  • We have an exceptional team of staff who will care for you during your stay.
  • We are in a fantastic position located in the historical village centre which dates back to 976AD.
  • Each of our rooms are unique with their own balcony.
  • We have our very own private lakeside garden for your use.
  • We have free Wifi for business or pleasure.
  • We have adequate parking spaces inside, undercover as well as open air.
  • You can start the day with a delicious breakfast, then go out to explore the beautiful Salzkammergut. Our buffet uses locally sourced ingredients as well as homemade items.
  • If you do not wish to adventure, you relax on your balcony or in our lounge or by the lake in the private lake side garden.
  • At the end of your day, whatever you have done, you can enjoy a leisurely drink from our hotel bar before you venture out to eat.